Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I get paid to do

I am currently working on a few video projects that are due Monday. This morning, I had an hour plus shoot. A few of my co-workers and I pretended to be out-of-shape friends trying to get ready for a 3 on 3 Women's Basketball Tournament. That was a lot of fun. During the shoot, we had to pretend that we were horrible basketball players. That came pretty easy to me!

I am also working on a story about our town's mayor. He is the longest serving mayor in our town's history and an interesting guy. The story is probably going to run close to 15 minutes, the max for our stories.

And there's one other small project due Monday. So, the rest of my week is going to involve lots of editing.

After all that, I move on to a promotion about the US Census. I'm hoping to get a little crazy with that one. I've asked a co-worker to come up with a theme song. It's going to be kitschy, my specialty.

And that is what I get paid to do.

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