Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Flash Cards and Trains

A few months ago I bought Jack alphabet and number flash cards. I think of the alphabet cards as an opportunity to expose him to some objects we don't see or say every day. He's quite a talker so it's fun to challenge him. The other day, I said something about our food being delicious and he said, "Delicious, too," so I know he's up to the challenge of learning new things.

Occasionally, we look at the number flash cards. We count school buses on the way to daycare in the morning so he's exposed to counting but he likes to count to 3 then skip to 5, 7, 8. After looking through his alphabet cards, I took out a few of the number flash cards (less than the number 10). While counting, he skipped some numbers so I suggested he point at them like me. That way we could say and point to them at the same time. Well, he ended up grabbing my finger and just hung around for the finger ride. So precious.
We also played with the train set his birth mom gave him for Christmas this year. With the help of a battery, the train really moves. Jack loves it!

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