Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great Grandpa Update

Jack's great grandpa, who was in the hospital because of a vehicle accident, had a heart attack last week and had double bypass surgery this morning. I hear that he is doing fine tonight. Wonderful news! We've been doing a lot of praying around here. Before Jack went to bed tonight, he asked, "Poppo?" We hope to see him as soon as his immediate family says it's okay. Jack's birth mom said that grandpa's eyes brightened when he saw Jack last week in the hospital!

Fun at the Park

We had fun at the local park Wednesday night. Jack did not want us to leave, neither did the mosquitoes.What a big boy!The plane! The plane!Houston, I don't think we have lift off.Silly daddy. These rides are for kids.Time for dessert!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Update

We've been fortunate to see our son's birth mother and her family a few times this summer. We attended a family get-together in July and also their hometown picnic. Jack learned how much fun aunts and uncles can be especially when they take you in the bounce house and on a little train.Our son's great grandpa through his birth mom's side is in a nearby hospital. We were able to see him last night. Thankfully, despite a broken leg and some messed up vertebrae, he seems to be doing okay.

Our son is a big fan of my father and his tractor. He's been able to ride inside the tractor a few times, one of the highlights of going back home.Another highlight of going back home is seeing the farm kitties.We went to the local county fair and had a blast in the petting zoo. We didn't do so great on the rides. I'm sure he'll be more excited about them next year.We went to a Little Swimmer's event and that was fun. Our son loves the water and the rubber duck prize he received.Our son loves balloons!Petting sting rays at the zoo!Every child's favorite accessory - a pot holder.Having fun with his cousin!