Monday, April 22, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

Flashback Foto Friday

 Me with Weird Al, 1998.
Coincidentally, all my brothers received signed copies of Weird Al's CDs that year for Christmas. Even if you are not a big fan, I highly recommend going to see him in concert - he is so entertaining. I had a blast and even received an Elvis-like scarf from him. We were in the front row baby!
Hanging out with co-workers from WPSD-TV in Paducah, KY, circa 1998. They are some of the best gals I've known.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy 13th Month Birthday Matthew!

I can't believe 13 months have passed since Matthew was born. He is amazing. We are so blessed.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Matthew's First Year Photos

 I think I put too much gel in his hair but I was trying to make his curls stand out. Didn't make much difference in this photo because his beautiful hair gets lost with the brown background.
 Big boy on campus.
 "Hey, that's cold!" Well, not really but he wasn't sure what the point was of me sticking him in the bathtub.
Stepping out.
Happy for a little while.
Live, laugh, love and enjoy every moment because they go by way too fast.

 This is my favorite photo of Matthew from the photo shoot. I took him out of the bathtub and he finally seemed happy.

Weekend in Review

 Matthew had his hair cut for the first time on Saturday. I hated to see all those curls go but his hair kept getting in his eyes. It was time.
 Grandma, my mom, the master barber.
He looks pretty good!
Lo and behold there is still Easter candy at our house.
Messy girl.
But still pretty kissable.
Yesterday, we enjoyed the beautiful weather (before it rained) and played on the swings!
Matthew's first time swinging. He loved it!
So much going on in one picture. Liam is just chillin'.
Still loving it. (Sure, this picture is similar to the other one, but who can get enough of this cuteness? I sure can't.)
Matthew's first time on a wagon ride!
Our little Rookie!
Jack decided we needed to be the first family in the neighborhood with our lawn cut.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Flashback Foto Friday

 Christmas - my brother Doug, the baby, me and my brother Steven. Oh, and my new baby doll carriage! Notice the real tree in the back. I don't know how Doug stayed in the carriage. He was a butterball.
 Me, my baby bear and brother Doug. I was wearing one of my favorite shirts - a Mr. Planters Peanut t-shirt.
Me, my brother Steven, my new baby doll and brother Bill.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Like a Rhinestone Cowgirl

Maggie rode for the second time last night. The tears didn't last very long. She was soon giggling her way through the ride.
Checkin' out her peeps.
Maggie rode a different horse last night. Her old horse had recently gone to greener pastures. She and her new horse seemed to get along just great!
One handed. Saying hi to her cheering crowd.
Looking good baby!
Sitting still for a minute, I mean, second.
Getting ready to hit the trail.
The volunteers are always so sweet to the riders.
A little pony we saw - the perfect distance from saddle to the ground for me.

Mischief One and His Accomplice, Mischief Two.
A horse being groomed.
Coming back from the trail.
All smiles!