Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

We didn't do much for New Years Eve. I had been to the doctor that day and finally received some antibiotics. So we laid low and took it easy. But we partied on New Years Day!

For the past few years, we have been invited to Jack's birthmom's family Christmas/New Years Eve party and we always have a great time. They are a loving family and I feel blessed to be with them.

Jack's birthmom knew exactly what to get him for Christmas - Thomas! He loves Thomas trains.

It took Jack awhile to warm up but after lots of grapes and attention, he started to go wild. Here he is with Uncle D and family. (Sorry about the red eyes!)

Jack's birthmom's family has this old house close to the house they live in now. They worked on the log home last year and now it is a fun place for the young to hang out, play cards, Rock Band, air hockey, or karaoke.

"1, 2, 3, Kick!"

This year, the family decided to do some wine taste testing. It was a fun addition to the festivities.

And then, the most anticipated event of the year - the white elephant gift exchange.

Some people get creative. I usually bring something that I want to come home with me. That way, if no one else likes it, at least I won't be disappointed if I end up with it. Some funny gifts this year - an apron and singing deer. It's a good thing these guys have great senses of humor.

Mike ended up with Jim Bean marinating sauces, while Jack and I ended up with a bottle of wine and this beautiful cross stitched piece. (Jack fell asleep during the second half of the exchange so I decided he really wanted the cross stitched piece!) I love handmade items.

Earlier that day, Jack was spoiled with lots of gifts from the family. He received books, balls, a stuffed bear and stuffed deer.

Although it looks like he would have been happy with a BBQ baster.

Happy New Year!

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