Monday, June 24, 2013

Silly Kids

 Double protection!

Daycare Demo Day!

 Jack's summer daycare held a Daycare Demo Day on Saturday. He probably spent more than an hour in and out of the bounce house. I snapped a lot of photos of him going down the slide - this is the best one.
 Liam checking out Jack as he goes down the slide.
 Big boy - looking older than 15 months.
 A quiet moment.
 Every child received a firework parachute.
 Little Miss Sunshine rockin' the pigtails!
 Self-portrait - not the most flattering but it's the best I could do.
 Unfortunately, it's blurry but I was able to capture one of Maggie's reactions to the fireworks.
 And here's Matthew's reaction. He lasted as long as he could then fell asleep on the blanket we brought.
The kids had a great time and so did I!

Look Who Came to Jack's Ballgame

 Grandpa and Grandma - we were so excited!!
They also brought pretzels - we were pretty happy about that too.
 Standing was tough to play attention with such a big fan club in the stands. Jack was a little distracted during the game.
 Running home!
 Jack's signature thumb up!
Maggie gave grandma a flower.

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Kids

Maggie, the little momma, changing her baby's diaper.

 We had a relatively quiet weekend. On Friday, we visited with Jack's former foster family and he stayed the night. Boy, we he excited! So much so, that he didn't want to come back home the next day. I told him I would have to go look for a different Jack. Boo hoo. Eventually, he came to his senses and realized that I would have a breakdown if he didn't stay my boy.
Liam's serious look. He must have been upset about something.
 His usual happy look.
 Let the love pile begin!
 Who's on the bottom? Not the baby!
 All four giving each other a squeeze! I think they love each other or something.
 And it all started with Maggie and Liam hugging each other. She kept running after him for hugs. It may not look like it in the picture but she loved it and couldn't get enough.
 Pretty girl in pigtails!
 I wish I had called Matthew "Hercules." He has some, to quote other family members "freakish" arm strength. He can climb the ladder to our fort all by himself!
 The boys thought it was pretty cool, and while mom and dad spotted him below, they were there to help Matthew at the top.
Going for it again!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jack's First T-Ball Game!

Jack waves to his adoring fans.

We were blessed to have members of Jack's birth family join us for his first T-ball game last night. I know he was pretty excited about them being there. Both boys talk quite a bit about their birth families. It is, how do I say this, AWESOME.
 Jack is wearing lucky number "7." I think I wore number 7 when I played youth softball.

 Jack's aunt took some of these great photos which allowed me more time to chat with his birth mom and great grandma.
 Coming home!
 Pep talk from dad.
 Matthew is all smiles here. 

Even though the games/practices only run an hour, it's still a little tough for Matthew and Maggie to be content that long.
 Thumbs up - Jack's signature greeting when fans call out his name.
 Maggie - trying to outdo me with squats. She's way more flexible than me.
 Another thumbs up!
 "Hey batter, batter!" 

Thankfully, and this is what I love about T-ball, good sportsmanship is the norm. Cheering for both teams is a good thing and the kids don't know the trash talk yet. So, no, Jack didn't really holler that.
"What do you think their chances are in a game when no one keeps scores?"

Liam hanging out with Jack's half-brother. Both boys were pretty proud of their Jack.
 First base!
 How do you spell twerp - L-I-A-M.
Jack with his half-brother. 

This was how the conversation went down.
Jack: "That's my half-brother."
Coach: "Hello, half brother. What's your name?"

 I'm so glad it takes a village!
 Jack models his shirt and hat.
We're so proud of you big boy!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend in Review

Sugar princess!

We were thrilled to be invited to a graduation party on Sunday - and not just any graduation party. A daughter of Jack's former foster parents graduated from high school. It's wonderful that they continue to include us in their lives.
Liam and his pink cotton candy beard.
There was a cotton candy machine at this party - I was thrilled! That's one of my favorite treats.
Jack being silly and blocking my future house.
Another attempt at taking a picture of my future (dream) house. Love it!
Self-portrait with my sweet Matthew. When he's in the picture, I don't have to worry about looking good because he always steals the show.
Jack's first day of summer school. He was so excited!
That's one step for Jack. One big step for the future of mankind. 
I have a feeling that Jack is going to accomplish some awesome things in his life.
Jack's daycare person helps lead the way to school.
Fearless, I think. 
Although Jack couldn't remember what they did, he asked me how long he could go to school, so, I think all in all he had an awesome first day.