Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend in Review

 Watch out for the lion - Mr. Liam borrowed a costume from daycare.
 Jack attended his last soccer game of the season. Here is standing tough with a friend.
 Jack was a busy boy this weekend. He had fun with classmates at a friend's party on Sunday, then we zoomed to his party.
 I don't know how kids do this - going 'round and 'round would make me sick to my stomach.
 We were blessed to have many members of our family, including Jack's birth family and foster mother, attend Jack's party.

Jack received cowboy boots from his birth mother. He can't wait to wear them to school!
 A little embarrassed by everyone singing to him.
 Jack and EE, his foster mother. We were so excited she could make it!
 Jack's birthday had a dinosaur theme. Maggie took one of the dinosaur eggs, split them apart and modeled them on her chest. Maggie, be grateful that you're too young to strap on the chest girdle. Enjoy the freedom while you can.
 Me and my little man.
 Mom and Maggie. Miss Maggie was a bit spoiled by grandma and grandpa yesterday.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Kindergarten Field Trip!

 Jack and one of his buddies!
We traveled to a pumpkin patch today. I don't know who was more excited - me or Jack. It was cool to step into the role my mom always fit so well into when I was a kid. The kids had so much fun selecting a pumpkin, going on a hay ride, walking through a straw maze and visiting the many animals on the farm.
 This rabbit found God.
 Jack's Kindergarten class - a great bunch of kids!
 Say cheese!
 Took this myself - not too shabby!
 Cool straw horse with a relay race in the back.
 How tall is Jack this Fall? Pretty tall!
 Cute little pumpkin looks like it needs some love.
  Jack and the pumpkin he selected.
 Making our way through the pumpkin maze.
 Peacock! My past keeps returning to me.

Birthday Boy!

 King of the Birthday!
I brought treat to Jack's class yesterday - ice cream and juice boxes - the kids were thrilled.
 Jack and his teacher.
 Did he want birthday hugs or spanks? He chose hugs!
 His teacher gave him seven hugs - one to grow on.
 Jack got exactly what he wanted - a dinosaur and a man that rides it. Momma done good.
We celebrated with pizza, cupcakes and (more) ice cream!

I can't believe it's been six years since I watched my little man enter this world. That was the most exciting moment of my life - one that I will never forget and always treasure. I am a very blessed momma.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Summer Flash Back

 Jack, Tee ball, 2013

I just received a couple of pictures from this past summer's tee ball session. Someone with a slightly more expensive camera than me was kind enough to take individual and team pictures of the children and their coaches.
Tee ball team, 2013

Looks like there are some potential players for the St. Louis Cardinals here - after all, you gotta start somewhere.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend in Review

 We had a fun weekend - me especially. On Sunday, I attended the baby shower of a friend and past co-worker. I had a great time visiting her and and another co-worker and friend. Miss Amy has the cutest baby bump. I can't wait to see her as a mommy.
 Last night, we painted nails and boy was that fun! Miss Maggie is so good and tries to be so still when we play nail salon. She went for hot pink on fingers and toes.
 "Are you kidding me?"
Matthew wouldn't sit still.
 Jack, well, I'm relieved he didn't want his nails painted since he's in school. I wouldn't want him to be teased. He did have a turtle tattoo on his arm so we'll see how that goes.
"Don't hate me because I'm cute."

Going Goth - black on finger nails and pink on toe nails.
 "Seriously cute!"
 Stink bug look.
"Mom, put that camera away!"
Wow, I love that age.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013