Friday, November 30, 2012

Visit to Santa

Two Peas in A Pod

We took our annual trip to see Santa at Bass Pro last night. The kids were excited. I just knew this would be the year when Jack would sit on Santa's lap. For more on that, please see below.
I love the activities at Bass Pro. Besides seeing Santa, kids can pretend to shoot animals (okay, so it's a little barbaric), play with remote control cars and watch a train.
Liam is cool with pink.
Davey, Davey Jack Crockett.
"Tell me again how I work this thing?"
Jack informed me a couple of times that the train was making the light in the tunnel. He thought that was so cool!

Time for a little bow and arrow action.
Even I got to have some fun.
This is what Liam really wants from Santa this year!
Doesn't he look cool?

And here we go...
No tears. I guess Liam didn't want Santa to see him.
Maggie is totally NOT cool with Santa.
 Matthew doesn't care.
Jack wants me to relay his wish list to Santa.

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