Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Lady Bug

Miss Maggie as Madame Lady Bug

I can't believe Halloween is over! What a crazy day we had yesterday. I took all four kiddos in for their flu shots in the morning. Meanwhile, my hubby got the flu. Then, my parents helped me (well, let's just admit it; they did most of it) pull up carpet and paint one of our bedrooms. 

With Mike being sick, I took all four kiddos trick-or-treating last night. Let's just say I still get into it way more than the boys do. Jack declared he doesn't like Halloween. After all, we walked quite a while in our small subdivision. And it's so cold! Why is Halloween held this time each year? :)

I couldn't find our pumpkin buckets so we used grocery bags and Liam dragged his on the ground and it started getting a hole in it. I made the boys let me carry their bags and that upset them - I guess they thought mommy would eat everything. We met some wonderful people in our neighborhood who gave us replacement bags. Liam's screeches were probably the scariest thing we heard last night, although Jack was too scared to approach one of the homes. They had a scary figure hanging from their porch. The nice woman actually brought him the treats because he wouldn't go near it. The woman's decoration was really awesome (I hope to decorate our house all crazy some year) but I could see where Jack was coming from.

As always, I have stated that I get 10% of the profit - so I've had two Snickers bars so far. I probably won't claim the entire 10% but wouldn't that be nice!

Sadly, I only took one photo last night, the cute shot of Maggie, because Mike was sleeping off the flu and it was so crazy getting everyone ready for trick-or-treating. :( I hope you had a wonderful evening!

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