Monday, November 5, 2012

Giving Thanks

During the quiet moments at night when I am rocking Matthew and holding him close to my heart, I talk to God. I thank Him for my blessings, for four beautiful souls who are living with me that I am blessed to call my children.

I thank God that these four souls were given the opportunity to live. I thank God that their mothers decided to give them life. They didn't drink; they didn't smoke; they didn't do drugs while they were pregnant. They didn't have an abortion. They chose life for their babies.

Babies are helpless. Ask them if they're pro-choice. I bet you they'd tell you they're pro-life. It takes so much courage for a new soul to be born alive in today's world.

All my children are beautiful miracles.

I see the souls who gather peacefully to pray for the end of abortions at the local Planned Parenthood and think I should join them someday. I want to hold a sign that says, "I'll adopt your baby." No, I'm not Brad or Angelina. I'm not crazy rich. But I have a heart for children and adoption.

You can call me the crazy kid lady as opposed to the crazy cat lady. Call me the old woman and the shoe. I don't care. I love children.

And so I cry sometimes when I hold Matthew. I thank God that the world will have the opportunity to know these four precious souls. And I cry for the babies who are not given the chance to live. I would save them if I could. I wish I could adopt more children and let them experience the joy and warmth of a loving home.

And I thank my parents for the life they have given me. Without their love and support, I would not have grown into the person I am today.

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