Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend In Review

Pretty in pink shoes! 

Grandma bought these adorable shoes for Miss Maggie.
Wow - it was 70 degrees yesterday and Saturday wasn't bad either. The kids went outside in shorts and t-shirts. I'm against global warming but it does have its perks. Jack, however, is ready for snow. The other night he asked me how many more days until we would get snow. 100? I told him maybe 15 or 20. But who knows? I'm dreaming of a White Christmas but we might start planting palm trees around here.
Matthew sits in the baby carriage I played with when I was a child. We have a photo of my brother Doug in it.
Matthew wasn't amused.
Liam - the stick warrior. Again, how come Disney is not returning my phone calls?
Beautiful girl. It's so hard to snap a photo of her smiling.

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