Monday, November 19, 2012

Wedding Fun

 My cousin Kim and her beloved were married last Saturday. I got a little misty here.
 My brother Doug was the cantor. His acapella of Ave Maria was beautiful. Poor guy suffered from a migraine that morning. I'm pretty sure I would not have sounded that good if I was coping with a major headache.

This picture does not do justice to the beautiful decoration. It was a gorgeous intimate setting modeled by my niece.
The groom's cake. Apparently, he likes to fish.
 The bride and groom arrived by her father's golf kart. Of course, it was just a hop and skip from the church.
What a gentleman!
The Mr. and Mrs.
Goofing off with Grandpa and a cracker.
Maggie looked so cool - my brother thought he ought to do it too.
Picture of mom's siblings and their spouses. Thankfully, my aunt was there to organize everyone.
This is what I get when I asked them to be goofy. Only mom played along - love that woman.
Mom and dad
 Me and my smallest monkeys.
Mom wrestling with Matthew - that boy has the strength of a bear.
Jack had no trouble finding a new friend. When asked the name of his friend, well, he didn't know.
Me and my cousin Kim.
"You can't catch me!" The boy is too fast.
Mike and Matthew. Mike is growing out his facial hair for Movember - how many more days are left to this month?
Kim and her husband's initials - awe...
My nephew with his sparkling cider decided to photobomb this lovely photo of my niece.

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