Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend in Review (from last week)

Last Saturday, mom and I took a road trip to Kansas City. An old friend that I reconnected with on Facebook published her first book, "Escaping the Tiger." Laura and I worked together at the FOX station in Kansas City several years ago.

We arrived in Kansas City a little early so we had some time on our hands. First, we modeled my new used car.
Then we goofed off at the Border School, a Montessori school across from the Reading Reptile, the location for Laura's book release. Both were located within eye sight of The Lighthouse, one of our adoption agencies.
Mom's serious look.
My serious look.
After an hour, we went to Baskin Robbins, changed a poopy diaper in my car (ugh! Baskin Robbins wouldn't let us use their restroom), then headed to the Reading Reptile. Laura's book on display.
A pacifier tree.
Jack in the dog house.
Laotian food.
Me with Laura on her big day.
Another good friend from the FOX station. Daniel played guitar during the release. He is an Emmy award winning video producer.
Outside the Reading Reptile in front a long line. We were toast. I'm overcompensating to hide how tired I am (it got really hot in the store) while Jack is showing his true feelings.
A special thanks to mom for being our residental photographer. Maybe Laura's book release will inspire me to actually finish one of my stories. Maybe.

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