Thursday, March 11, 2010

RX for Job Satisfaction?

With the economy still in the tank, we're all told we should be happy to have jobs. That means little or no pay raises this year. I think some companies that are doing ok are piggy backing on the bad economy band wagon, moaning about the bottom line, while building parking garages, additions to hospitals, etc.

Mike recently received the above bottle congratulating him and his co-workers on their job well done. I am amazed by this company that claims it makes little profit, still finds it within their budget to buy ridiculous knick knacks. "Thanks for the good work. Your pay raise? Keeping your job." That's what this gift seems to imply. Even though the bottle contains mints, Mike and his co-workers weren't too thrilled with the weird "solutions to problems can be found in a medicine bottle" message. Take a pill (mint) as needed for continued success. Yum!

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