Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Hail Mary Pass

Church with Jack is always fun. Tonight was no exception. It's very hard for a two-year-old to sit somewhat still and be quiet in church. After all, priests, lectors, etc. are talking. I ended up sitting with an "old" MPA friend tonight and his son. Jack loved meeting a new friend but he also wanted to do what four-year-old Joseph could do except be relatively quiet. :)

When we went up for communion, I tried to hold Jack's hand but he said, "I walk myself" twice. I heard some snickering. Jack is pretty amusing. My friend and his son left after communion so when Jack and I returned to the pew, my little boy asked, "Where guys go?" That also earned us a couple of snickers.

It's so hard not to laugh when Jack is being, well, a two-year-old.

Life with my little man is always an adventure.

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