Monday, February 15, 2010

Doing Time

Producing stories for the city has its perks. Since my co-workers and I produce mostly all positive stories for the city, we have access to a lot of fun things, at least I think they are fun. Being 99.9% sure that I'll never knowingly commit a crime, I've giggled with glee while being handcuffed, failed to deflate my dimples while being fingerprinted, and tried to keep a fake frown down while being "thrown" into jail - all for video shoots. My co-worker and I received a grand tour of the city police department last week. Before oohing at the metal toilets in the tiny cells, we practiced our best mug shots.
My "I can't believe I just did that stupid thing" dismal look. Dimples successfully banished.
My "I'm so out of it" strung out look. Dimples back. Step aside, Nick Nolte.

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