Friday, February 26, 2010

Give Me Your Best Offer

I'm a mostly positive person but there's something that easily turns me into a Negative Nervous Nelly. I hate, hate car shopping. In fact, I hate it with a passion. Nail biting, ulcer inducing passion. I've been negotiating with a salesperson this week. I think they're going to drop the price on an overpriced car (more than they have - a drop in the bucket), but it doesn't matter how much they drop it, I'll still feel like I've been bent over.

And even if the car's record is clean (mostly), it could still end up being a lemon. I have a few good things on my side though. I have wonderful credit and an awesome interest rate offer from a local credit union. And I think one of my brothers is checking out the car tomorrow. He's much more mechanical than me.

So, the car buying game has begun which means I will soon be faced with car payments (groan). On the upside, I'll have a nicer car with lower mileage. I just need to feel that I've been able to negotiate a good deal when this is all over, you know, before buyer's remorse kicks in.

If anyone knows how much a salesperson can drop a price on a car, on average, please let me know, you know, before the ulcer kicks in. :)

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  1. I buying stinks! Find everything you need to know on! That site is amazing. You'll find what the car is worth, how much you should have to pay, what the average consumer rates it....just about anything you need to know you'll find there. Hope that helps!