Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend in Review

Jack in front of art on display at the fair.

On Saturday, we went to the local fair where I had entered three of my beautiful children in the Baby Contests. (Jack had told me he didn't want to do it so he was off the hook. However, he has decided he will enter next year since each entrant receives a goody bag.)
 One of the loveliest lasses at the fair.
 Vroom, vroom. Jack looks all tough and ready to hit the road.
 Liam...not so much. This is what he did on the stage during the contest - his bashful pose - one hand on top of an eye as if to shield himself from the paparazzi.
 One of the highlights of the fair - notice Liam is still covering an eye.
 Maggie Rose - #55 contestant. I was a little nervous about how she would react once she got on the stage with me and saw the strangers in the crowd but she did better than Liam and Matthew. And she took First Runner Up. Way to go princess!
 This was a fun ride that adults could go on with their children. Mike went on with Liam. I joined Jack when it was our turn. I loved it!
 Driving a boat. This was later on in the day when Liam had climbed out of his shy shell.
 It takes a lot of concentration to make those curves.
 Liam received a butterfly kit as one of his birthday presents from Jack's birth family. We received five caterpillars in the mail and watched as they made cocoons and emerged as butterflies.
 On Sunday it was time to release them!
 We released them at Grandpa and Grandma's house away from traffic and where there were plenty of plants to munch on.
 Jack says goodbye to one of our friends who was so happy to be free.
 Matthew with a John Deere toy, a favorite during our visit yesterday.
 Maggie also liked to drive it.
 Grandpa, Grandma and two of the grandkids.
 See the impatiens in Grandma's flower bed (converted cow trough.) We released those silly butterflies near the flowers but they didn't stick around long enough to check them out. They were up, up and away.
The oldest two were in for a treat as they stayed the night at Grandpa's and Grandma's. I told Jack he could got to the barn and do some shoveling this morning. Ha, ha.

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