Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Weekend Long Celebration

 "You're how old?" 
Mike turned 40 on Monday. We celebrated a few days early at a surprise dinner with my family.
 Just being goofy.
 Grandpa with his girl.
 Mike's cake. I bought him a sports car for his birthday - see it?
 Liam's birthday - the crazy fun. We were so grateful that most of our family, including Liam's birth family, and friends were able to come and help us celebrate this special guy's big day.
The favorite hangout - the booty table.
 Liam's party cake was awesome.

 He became a little bashful when people sang "Happy Birthday" to him. He kept ducking his head.
 Grandpa with three of his grandchildren.
 My nephew.
 And the third and final cake - a race car cake.
 The cake was made by a co-worker. The dots represent the fans in the stands. There were three race cars but little hands removed two of them by the time this photo was taken.

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