Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend in Review

Maggie and her tie-dyed shirt - a gift from Jack's birth family.

We had a busy, fun weekend. On Saturday morning, we attended a Parents as Teachers get-together and won a bike horn - that has been put away until I buy more headache medicine - ha. On Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed time with Jack's birth family. They held a birthday party for Liam and Jack's half-brother who both celebrate a July birthday.
The boys were delighted with their Star Wars toys!

Matthew is very much a momma's boy. Also, I think he's going through some major separation anxiety fear. So, this is pretty much what I see a lot of these days.
Eli and Liam
The weather was beautiful but windy! Jack's uncle had a tough time keeping the candles lit.
Grandpa, Liam is ready to help you with the lower 40.
One of the main attractions - a kitty cat that was brave enough to hang out with my kids.
And there's my hip hugger.
Mom and Maggie.

On Sunday, we attended a get-together for a cousin from New York who had come home for a visit.
Dad and Maggie - who liked Poppo's John Deere hat.
My brother Doug, nephew Garrett and dad.
My mom and the siblings who were able to attend.
My crew!
It's so hard to get a photo where everyone looks in the same direction.
Matthew looking out over the farm on such a beautiful day.
Ready for the road!
Liam was being lovey dovey with Grandma this weekend.

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