Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Parish Celebration!

My home town parish held the second part of its 175th anniversary on Sunday. Sweet Matthew taking it easy before the parade.
He was so proud that he was able to climb on this big chair. 'Bout gave momma a heart attack that he would fall off but I have nine lives, right?
And so it begins.
My uncle - I should have filmed his crazy walking. I can't believe they trusted him with a gun. :)
My uncle - the only cool guy in jeans.
Precious cargo - my dad in his old car with two of my brothers and the priest.
Candy! Candy! Truth be told - I think I was as excited as they were about all the candy being thrown at us.
One of the best things thrown from an entry - sadly, it was empty. Ha, ha.
One of my uncles and his family came up with this brain child. Have you guessed what it is yet?
Yep, a Griswold Christmas.
The 4-H float - my niece got to ride it and throw candy.
My favorite balloons in the parade.
One of my co-workers performed with his production group at the shin-dig.
Enjoying the show.
Mom with our gin ricky.

We had a great time! Hopefully, I make it to the next celebration in 25 years.

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