Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Look at the Past Week

 The strawberry pie I made for Mother's Day - and for my first attempt, it was pretty tasty...especially with cool whip.
 I love this time of year! We have a couple of bird nests around our house. These guys that I photographed on Sunday have already left their nest. We'll miss them and the Grandma (that's what Jack called it) bird that took care of them.
 Maggie was in a tackling mode this weekend. First, she went after Matthew. These two weigh about the same. It reminded me of the time my mom caught me walking on my younger brother's back. Of course, I was older than Maggie by a few years and heavier. "But mom!" I defended myself. "I let him walk on mine."
Happy Girl.
 And Jack didn't seem to mind. He's a great big brother.
 Our second nest, hoping these babies hatch and fly away soon so the kids leave them alone and stray cats don't find them.They are in the shortest tree, our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, in our yard.
 Nervous bird on standby.
 She didn't nose bomb us but I bet she wanted to.
 Last night we went outside and played on the driveway, lots of concrete for toys with wheels.
 Oh, and chalk. Yum!
 Matthew looks like he's going to crash into Maggie. Thankfully, a crash was averted.
 Lawnmower model boy.
 Another shot of Matthew tearing down the sidewalk followed by Jack. I got plenty of exercise making sure Matthew didn't run too far from home. That boy is fast!
 My lovely flowers. I've worked so hard on them. And they're growing like weeds!
 Jack's self-portrait chalk drawing.
 A shot from last week - the end of spring session at the local therapeutic riding center. Maggie has come a long way and is so much more comfortable with the horses.
 Feeding her horse a carrot.
 Someone charmed his way to a carrot.
 Happy Boy.
Congratulations Maggie! We're so proud of you.

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