Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Life As I Know It

I knew it would be an interesting day when I almost did the splits stepping out of the shower this morning. A splitting headache put a quick end to my work day. A nap and some migraine pills made me feel much better. Now, I'm just zapped and ready for bed.

Here are some remaining pictures from Christmas.
My Little Green Martian.
Favorite family past-time during the holidays. Good thing there are a couple of recliners to go around.
My father-in-law Pete and our niece Ali - cute as a button.
I realized it was time for a new year when I wrote out checks for December/January and put 1/1/10 on it. Oops. I wonder how many checks I'll mess up until I get the year right. Tomorrow is my Friday. Yippie!

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