Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting Back on Track

It's been a long time since I've last posted. These short days make me want to hit the hay as soon as possible at night. I've been busy this past week so here's a review.

I attended the Missouri Filmmakers Association breakfast. Basically, there was a conference for folks who produce movies in Missouri and the breakfast was open to the public...for a price. The highlight was listening to a Hallmark producer talk about his experiences. The guy lives in Kansas City but travels for those cheese ball movies I love so much. Remember November Christmas? It was just on a few weeks ago. Looks like it was shot in the midwest. It was actually filmed in Nova Scotia because of tax credits. Interesting, huh?

On Thursday, I attended a fun girlie night. The local Women's Network hosted a "Favorite Things" holiday party. My friends and I wanted pretty much everything on display.
I won a couple of nice gifts: a tanning certificate (figures that the palest person there would win that) and a wonderful ensemble of kitchen utensils, towels and fresh fruit.
We opted to put up a small Christmas tree this year. It's very nice and simple. Jack loved decorating it. I'm so happy we have a tree up. Now, on to the Christmas cards.
On Sunday, we watched my niece Meaghan perform in the school's Christmas program. She did a wonderful job. Check out this awesome picture taken by my mom.

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