Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

As I look back on this past year, I thank God for my many blessings. And sometimes I actually smile when I think about times when I have been anxious and God has been there sometimes waiting to reveal Himself but always by my side. I am so grateful for the gift of family and friends. I am grateful that the horrible storm last night only rattled our windows and didn't leave a path of destruction like it did in some parts of the midwest.

We are all sick here in the House of Pestilence. We are dealing with coughs and sore throats. Hopefully, we'll rally again soon. My voice is deep, the only time I think it sounds half-way decent.

I'm praying tonight for a friend who delivered her baby prematurely today. She and her husband and the hospital staff knew she would deliver premature so at least they were prepared for that, but I'm sure it is still nerve wracking for them tonight as their baby continues her fight to develop into the healthy girl she is meant to be.

I hope my loved ones have a Happy New Year. The perfect party this year would include all of you in one place but, becuase I'm sick, you are spared my karaoke.

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