Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Big Boy


Jack continues to amaze me. Maybe it's time I quit thinking of him as a baby and remember that he's going to be 3 years-old soon. He continues to do well with his potty training. He's great at number 1, still figuring out number 2. I love the fact that bowel movements on the potty are a cause for joy when it comes to children.
Jackie is starting to "read." He interprets pictures in books including this children's Bible. Tonight, he looked at the following two pages,

And said, "One time, it started to rain and stormy." I asked, "It was storming?" "No," he replied, "stormy." Apparently, he didn't appreciate his mom's assistance with the story. The children's book has several classic Bible stories. He starts each story with, One time..."
We watched the Charlie Brown Halloween special tonight. I loved sitting together and sharing this special show with my boy. Growing up, I loved watching the Charlie Brown cartoons. The Snoopy Red Baron sections scared Jack a little. At one point, Jack leaned his head on my shoulder and said, "I love you mommy." Ah....

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