Sunday, September 26, 2010


My dad drove his 1931 Plymouth for the first time in a parade this weekend. It was a nearby parish and town's 175th anniversary celebration. Jack helped Grandpa and Grandma throw out candy.
Mom bought huge bags og tootsie rolls totaling more than 1,000 pieces, but it still wasn't enough. There was a large crowd and lots of children with grocery bags.
Jackie's first parade was a success! Check out the tootsies in his hand.
I saw my alma mater high school band perform. The golden girls are not so golden anymore. The twirlers and flag bearers used to wear sequined golden onsies. They're a little more covered up now. How times change...for the better.
I shouted, "Go flutes!" I couldn't help myself. Once a flautist, always a flautist.
The band has a dog mascot now.
My old bus driver, Buddy, with his sports car.
Local Catholic kids dressed as a priest and nun.
I thought this kid was asleep but he was digging for more candy.
Please do not feed the dinosaurs.
Funny police officer at the end of the parade, said things like, "Watch out for the patties (horse poop)."

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