Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend in Review

 Watch out for the lion - Mr. Liam borrowed a costume from daycare.
 Jack attended his last soccer game of the season. Here is standing tough with a friend.
 Jack was a busy boy this weekend. He had fun with classmates at a friend's party on Sunday, then we zoomed to his party.
 I don't know how kids do this - going 'round and 'round would make me sick to my stomach.
 We were blessed to have many members of our family, including Jack's birth family and foster mother, attend Jack's party.

Jack received cowboy boots from his birth mother. He can't wait to wear them to school!
 A little embarrassed by everyone singing to him.
 Jack and EE, his foster mother. We were so excited she could make it!
 Jack's birthday had a dinosaur theme. Maggie took one of the dinosaur eggs, split them apart and modeled them on her chest. Maggie, be grateful that you're too young to strap on the chest girdle. Enjoy the freedom while you can.
 Me and my little man.
 Mom and Maggie. Miss Maggie was a bit spoiled by grandma and grandpa yesterday.

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