Monday, September 23, 2013

Road Trip!

Scene from a McDonald's parking lot: I bet this thing gets great gas mileage.
On Sunday, my mother and I took the four kiddos to Illinois to visit one of my best childhood friends. She is a FSGM, Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George. I am lucky if I get to see her once a year in the summer. Well, that didn't happen this year so we arranged for a visit on her home turf.
The kids quickly got over any shyness. Sister Mary has a way with people.
Matthew touching a statue of St. Francis.
Jack went on these bars a dozen or so times, trying to prove how strong he was. He actually made it over a few times, better than me. I couldn't even make it over once.
And that's about as far as I got.
I helped Liam get across the bars.

"Momma, when you coming down?"
Momma will go almost anywhere for a good picture.

 Thank goodness the Sisters operate a daycare. I don't know what mom and I would have done without the playground. It helped keep the kids happy for a few hours.
Miss Maggie shoots me a sly smile.
Liam on the move!
Sister Mediatrix and Maggie!
After playing outside, we went inside for snacks - cookies, crackers and cheese. Oh, and lemonade. The kids were pretty happy. I was too until the big boys decided to take both of the brownies. I thought brownies were for adults!
Chillin' with Sister. It was a beautiful day - perfect weather to be outside with the kids.
Temper tantrum #? 
Matthew was a little crabby on Sunday and had quite a few meltdowns, at least this one wasn't on concrete.
Our goofy picture, 2013.
Miss Maggie and Sister Mediatrix.
Our friendship goes way back - I say Kindergarten. Sister says First grade. She reminded me of my obsession with video cameras from a very young age. I reminded her of our common bond - not being allowed in the toy house in Kindergarten. Thank goodness, we eventually grew up - including those snobby girls. So easy to forgive but not so easy to forget. :)

I was grateful for my mom's help with the kids on Sunday. She's been on some crazy adventures with me, aka snow blizzard, etc. I couldn't have made the trip to Illinois without her.

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