Thursday, September 5, 2013

Family Photo Time!

 I love family portrait time - seriously, when you only take it half-seriously, the results often make you laugh. Since this month marks two years since we've been home with Maggie Rose, we are due for another post adoption report. We need to include a family photo with that report. Enjoy China!
 Matthew was not a happy camper but why bother with Photoshop? His expression cracks me up.
 Me and the three boys who made my childhood a living hell. As Kelly Clarkson sings, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
 I'm the one with the most hair.
 I'm sure my brother Billy was trying to swat at a fly.
 What should we do now?
 Get goofy!
 Hanging with mom and dad.
Mom and dad. 
Nice photo. Cracks me up. Mom was trying to nonchalantly cover up a food stain on her shirt.

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