Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jack's First T-Ball Game!

Jack waves to his adoring fans.

We were blessed to have members of Jack's birth family join us for his first T-ball game last night. I know he was pretty excited about them being there. Both boys talk quite a bit about their birth families. It is, how do I say this, AWESOME.
 Jack is wearing lucky number "7." I think I wore number 7 when I played youth softball.

 Jack's aunt took some of these great photos which allowed me more time to chat with his birth mom and great grandma.
 Coming home!
 Pep talk from dad.
 Matthew is all smiles here. 

Even though the games/practices only run an hour, it's still a little tough for Matthew and Maggie to be content that long.
 Thumbs up - Jack's signature greeting when fans call out his name.
 Maggie - trying to outdo me with squats. She's way more flexible than me.
 Another thumbs up!
 "Hey batter, batter!" 

Thankfully, and this is what I love about T-ball, good sportsmanship is the norm. Cheering for both teams is a good thing and the kids don't know the trash talk yet. So, no, Jack didn't really holler that.
"What do you think their chances are in a game when no one keeps scores?"

Liam hanging out with Jack's half-brother. Both boys were pretty proud of their Jack.
 First base!
 How do you spell twerp - L-I-A-M.
Jack with his half-brother. 

This was how the conversation went down.
Jack: "That's my half-brother."
Coach: "Hello, half brother. What's your name?"

 I'm so glad it takes a village!
 Jack models his shirt and hat.
We're so proud of you big boy!

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