Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekend In Review

We had a wonderful weekend that started with a bunch of hooligans placing their chairs in their beds. I can see how Jack did it but how did Liam manage that. Think he had some help?
Mr. Ornery.
Here's my little angel, smiling so big you can't see her beautiful eyes.
On Saturday, we attended a holiday get-together with several families who have adopted internationally. Santa read "The Night Before Christmas."
Already, Maggie is getting that look.
Oh boy! Still no love for Santa.
Liam's eyes are still burning.
Jack did better than in the past.
Group photo. Maggie opted out.
Jack had tunnel vision.
Maggie was so excited to draw on the chalkboard. She kept pointing at her work.
Looks like she may be left-handed!
The fearless and fabulous!


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