Saturday, September 17, 2011

We are in Hong Kong!

We landed in Hong Kong yesterday afternoon after flying more than 15 hours from Chicago. Boy, that was a brutal flight, especially towards the end when it seemed to slow down even more as I stared at the computer screen counting down the last hour

When I got off the plane, I said, "We're in Hong Kong" as if to remind myself of reality. So much of this is still a bit surreal. Our guide Matthew was waiting for us at the airport. Today, we took a tour with Paul, Shelley and their son from our agency travel group and everal people from Holland. We visited an over priced jewelry store and enjoyed the view from Victoria's Peak. Mike took a sampan boat tour. Mom and I passed on the boat ride. We don't do very well on choppy water so we stayed in the air conditioned bus. I think there is probably enough pollution in the water. I don't need to be adding to it.
We are staying at the Hyatt Regency in Sha Tin and it is a beautiful hotel. We will fly to Hunan, Maggie's province tomorrow afternoon. We get our girls sometime on Monday.

Hong Kong is beautiful but the curvy roads got to me afer a while. We are a bit disappointed that because of our small group size we were not taken to a dim sum meal. Sorry, no pictures right now. We hope to post some tomorrow

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  1. Hi Rosemary!! It must be Sunday morning and I bet you're up and ready to go to the airport! Maybe you've already left for Hunan. OMG. I am so excited for you. This is such an experience of a lifetime. I know every parent feels like they are the luckiest person alive to have the children they have but I also feel so lucky to have experienced the joys of adopting from China. I am so happy for you guys! Keep posting!! Oh and if you haven't left HK yet, tell Matthew Shannon and Simon say hello! xoxo Shan