Sunday, September 18, 2011


We made it to Changsha after a gate mix-up and extra hour wait tonight. We flew China Air and the service was better than we experienced on our long United flight from the U.S.

We are at The Dolton Hotel. We learned that Maggie Rose is in Changsha already! The Daoxian orphanage staff brought her to the city a day early because the SWI is approximately six hours away and we are meeting her at 10:30 tomorrow morning! I doubt if she is in this hotel because it's a bit ritsy but it's amazing to think that my little girl is almost here.

I am not sure if I will be able to post pictures. I am so disappointed. We need to go through our connection at home and I shut that down last night (unknowingly) when I shut Mike's laptop down because the power was low.

We have already witnessed some crazy Chinese driving tonight. I am not too worried since we are being transported in a nice van. Sadly, it's almost entertaining to see how people get around here. However, the honking outside right now from my 30th floor window is not so entertaining.

We have a crib in our room and a Hello Kitty baby tub in our bathroom.


  1. Oh SO excited for you!!! My precious DD is also a DaoXian girl so I can picture who your sweet DD is with right now. By now it's almost 9:30 am in China so you are just an hour away from meeting your beautiful Maggie Rose!!! Over-the-moon excited for you!

    I know you don't know me but if you want me to see if I can help you with pictures on your posts I'd be more than happy to. If you email the pics to me and either add me as a temporary user or provide your info, I'd be happy to help you out.

    My blog is

    1 hour and counting! Congratulations!!!

  2. I am sure you have Maggie Rose by now! I hope you can sort out the photos issue so we can see you guys together! Have you tried to email the photos to your blog? Hope everything is going well! The first day can be overwhelming for everyone especially the little ones. Have some fried potatoes for me!