Friday, September 9, 2011

Countdown to China

We are so blessed that Jack's and Liam's daycare provider is going to take care of our boys while we are in China. She is a very sweet woman who loves our little stinkers. To help Jack get a better idea of how long we'll be gone, I created a chain for each day that we're away. Each chain either says where we are or what we're doing that day or contains an interesting fact about the places we visit.

For example, did you know that Hong Kong means Fragrant Harbour for the amount of incense that came through the area? I gave the boys' daycare provider an incense stick that they can see and smell. Do you know which animal you are in the Chinese zodiac? Jack's and Liam's friends will soon discover their zodiac animal.

We are leaving Thursday and will arrive in Hong Kong on Friday. We will leave for Maggie Rose's province on Sunday and receive her on Monday. I am very excited but I have to admit I'm still in a bit of denial. It's hard to shake that off after five years.

We are blessed to have the loving support of family and friends while we are gone. Please continue to pray for us - for safe travels and for Maggie to be able to adjust to her new family and eventually bond with us.


  1. that's awesome news!! Can't wait to follow. And for the Chinese Zodiac - I keep up on that...i'm hoping and praying being we should be getting our referral hopefully next month, that Emma was born this year. I"m a rabbit and I sure would love to know that she will be too! Giving she's under 9 months old.

  2. Said prayers for your family this morning, specifically Psalm 91...the part regarding "no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. For He will command his angels concerning you...". Blessings

  3. I'm thinking of you and will be stalking the blog. It is Thursday 8:30 pm EST so you probably are still in the air. I can't wait for you to land in HK!!! Ahhhh I know we just got back but I want to go again! So so so so happy and excited for you!