Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend in Review

 Matthew had his hair cut for the first time on Saturday. I hated to see all those curls go but his hair kept getting in his eyes. It was time.
 Grandma, my mom, the master barber.
He looks pretty good!
Lo and behold there is still Easter candy at our house.
Messy girl.
But still pretty kissable.
Yesterday, we enjoyed the beautiful weather (before it rained) and played on the swings!
Matthew's first time swinging. He loved it!
So much going on in one picture. Liam is just chillin'.
Still loving it. (Sure, this picture is similar to the other one, but who can get enough of this cuteness? I sure can't.)
Matthew's first time on a wagon ride!
Our little Rookie!
Jack decided we needed to be the first family in the neighborhood with our lawn cut.

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