Monday, April 1, 2013

Catching Up

 Was up?

Wow - it's been a rough month. I've taken so many photos of the kiddos but haven't felt like posting for a while.

Liam had been sick on and off for a month. He was actually sick the weekend of the wedding but seemed to come out of it on the actual wedding day. Our poor little guy was sick in the stomach and it was, (caution: disgusting stuff ahead), coming out of both ends. And it was back and forth, sick and healthy until he became sick for more than a week. And became this sick, sad little boy.
Unhappy sick boy.
 When we were so used to this goofy, ornery boy.

Liam was skin and bones. Finally, a specialist suggested he take gastric reflux medicine and things are turning around. He is back to his old self. 
Thank you God. (And please ignore the dirty laundry pile behind him.)

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