Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekend in Review

We had a busy fun weekend with family. First up, one last holiday party with Jack's birth family. Wow - we always have a great time. This year, I was able to participate in the wine testing. I also ate way too much - so many goodies. I cherish this time with Jack's birth family as I do with Liam's birth family. They make us feel so loved and welcomed. We are so blessed!
30 gifts, 30 participants.
The white elephant bonanza! This year, the madness lasted more than two hours! And I love it. It's crazy fun.
Maggie let me wear her crown that she received from one of the members of Jack's birth family.
Mike finally received a beardo or something that resembled one and I helped him get it with a little strategy during the white elephant madness. He owes me big!

We also attended a fun get-together with Mike's family. I was too busy to snap any photos. I hope to steal some from FB and repost them on here.

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