Friday, January 18, 2013

The Music of the Night or Day

Talking to a friend this morning I was reminded of my high school marching band days. I was a member of the Comets Marching Band, a small high school band that specialized in feel-good music. We played Christmas songs with an attitude during holiday parades (Jingle Bells, ja, ja, ja, Jingle Bells) and songs like Gimme Some Lovin' at homecoming parades.

Our rival was the nearby town's Wildcats who specialized in hum-drum music, mainly Phantom of the Opera. Now, I like that musical but what would you rather listen to during a parade? Also, the band wore these scary looking masks. The picture below is one of them that was featured in a St. Louis journal. I had a couple of cousins who were in the band around the same time I was and I love them dearly but their whole get-up gave me the creeps. If I was a small child they would have made me cry.
Creep Out! 
A nearby town's marching band back in the 90's.

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