Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend in Review

We had a wonderful weekend. On Sunday, we finally traveled to see Jack's birth family. I say "finally" because Jack has been asking me when he could see his birth family ever since we saw Liam's family at Easter. I always tell Jack's family to give us an excuse to visit them as opposed to us inviting ourselves over. This weekend, we celebrated the graduation of one of Jack's uncles and a cousin.
Here they are leading the family in prayer.
Both graduates were thrown in the pool - a tradition that's funny when you're not the one being thrown in. They knew it was coming. Still, it's a good thing they're such good sports.
Mike and Jack braved the cool water.
Maggie, Matthew and I stayed dry. Liam actually went in the water for a little while.
Look at my boy - already sprouting a moustache.
This is what Liam preferred to do - he loves these cozy coupes.
Matthew is getting so big!
Congratulations Parker!

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