Monday, May 21, 2012

My Expensive "Bike"

Last year, I completed the 90 Miles in 90 Days health challenge at work and because of that I was entered into a drawing. And then I won one of the top prizes - a bike or rather a gift certificate for a bike at a very nice bike shop. I should have selected the bike right away but instead I waited and guess what - the price on that bike went up $100(!!) so I had a choice to make. Select something less expensive or fork over money for the bike. You see what I selected - two over-priced tricycles for almost $250. A ridiculous price but I'm glad my choice made the kids happy. And I received a couple of dollars in change.
Of course, Jack had to have the blue trike.
Liam didn't really care. He has a very nice vintage tricycle that he received from his birth family at Christmas. Grandpa fixed it all up for him. He was just test driving the pink trike tonight for Miss Maggie who will eventually take it for a spin. Notice that Liam was "driving" with the handle bars backwards.

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