Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend in Review

Garrett is home. His surgery went great on Friday. The doctors think they have everything out this time. Hopefully, he won't be back except for regular check-ups.
Our weekend was busy and lots of fun. On Saturday, we attended the Parents as Teachers end-of-the-year luncheon.
We also attended a graduation party for a young man I babysat while in college. Boy, that made me feel old. Of course, it was hard to recognize the five-year-old in the 18-year-old's face. He is going into international studies. Very exciting!
And we attended Aunt Jay's graduation ceremony and party on Sunday. She is on her way to big things. We are very happy for her.
The party was so much fun!
We even managed to get a smile out of Liam who is suffering big-time teeth cutting pain. All the seniors who attended the party were thrown in the pool. I hear it was nice and cold. They were all good sports.
Eli and Liam liked feeling the water on their feet. Looks like Liam wanted to go swimming!
Got a picture of cousin Chris "diving" in.
Grandpa and Eli.

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