Monday, January 3, 2011

Life In Perspective

I was waiting at the pharmacy this afternoon when I found myself sitting next to an older man. He had a bit of a cough so we started chatting about what was going on in my household. I assumed he was experiencing the same thing. "No," he said, "my 25-year-old grandson was recently killed in a car accident."

So, what do you say to that? We talked about seat belts. His grandson wasn't wearing one. The young man lost control of his vehicle on a rainy day. We also talked about texting and how dangerous that can be. This grandpa was at the store to pick up medicine to help settle his nerves and process his grief.

I remember when this state's law came out about the use of seatbelts. My dad and uncle Henry joked about printing t-shirts with seatbelt graphics on them. Like that would fool the cops. Now, using a seatbelt is a habit. I would feel vulnerable without one.

Sometimes life forces us to slow down and reflect on our blessings. I thank God for my blessings all the time, but when I hugged my 3-year-old tonight I held on to him a little longer.

...On another note, my friend's baby girl grows stronger everyday. God is great! The power of faith and prayer are amazing.

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