Thursday, January 27, 2011


Jack is a quirky little boy. He likes things to be in order, the way they "should be." You could call him anal retentive. On the way to work this morning, Jack mentioned the frost still on my windows. Now, the majority was off but there was still a little on the edge. He mentioned it once. I said, "Mommy's driving." And then he mentioned it a second time, "You gotta get that off."

At three-years-old, you never know what's going to pop out of Jack's mouth. This morning, Mike tried to hug him and after a little while Jack said, "You're crazy." A little later, I tried to hold him and he said, "You're crazy too."

Speaking of "too's"...if you say that you like something and Jack also likes it, he will say, "Me three," not "Me too." After all, he's no longer 2. He's a big boy.

As we were gathered for dinner tonight and praying before our meal, Jack was acting up. I said, "Don't you want to thank God for our blessings?" Jack said, "No, thank Jesus."

We went to a family get-together last weekend and Jack made a few new friends. Later when we prayed and thanked God for our blessings, he thanked God for the "girl friends and boy friends" he made.

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