Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend in Review

After our fun night with Santa, we took it easy on Sunday. My poor baby was sick with a runny nose and sneezing. But we still had lots of fun.

Forgot to mention that my dad helped me pick up a kitchen set for Jack. It's a gently used one that belonged to a co-worker's daughter. My boy was so excited when it arrived. He played with it all weekend.

He also called Grandma a couple of times. 2 year olds with their own personal phones. Geez, what will it be next?

I was so proud of my son who strived hard to maintain a proper balance of chocolate in his diet this weekend.

We made gingerbread cookies. Poor Jack. He was not feeling good but nothing was going to keep my little man from helping his momma in the kitchen especially when there were cookies involved.

Mike took out his Guitar Hero and realized just how hard it is to be a rock star.

Jack tried to help but it was no use.

Mike really stank.

Jack also hung candy canes on our Christmas tree. I think he was going for somewhat of a clustering pattern.

Half the fun of hanging candy canes is eating them.

We're so excited that Christmas is this week! Two more days of work and then let the fun begin.

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