Friday, December 18, 2009

Lunch with Soul

Because of my happy roots and bare feet,
I am
Who I am today.
My mom raised me to be the woman and mother,
I am today.
The distance I've traveled through life have made my footsteps
Because I grew up without made me stronger at heart.
Wasn't born with a silver spoon but a wooden one,
That's why I am who I am today.
*a poem by a local high schooler

I love the poem. It was written by a young woman who I met at a fundraiser today. I joined a friend and her mother for a chili lunch at a local high school. The chili was delicious. And the cause was a very worthy one. The proceeds benefit a local organization that houses homeless teens. The event was organized and carried out by high school students.

The students showed how much they cared about the event. They kept stopping by our table and asking if we needed a refill or our plates cleared. This was a big project for them and they did a wonderful job. Some of the teens we saw probably have friends who are homeless. Too often, we mistakenly label all homeless as lazy bums, when there are many families who are homeless. As a Salvation Army board member I hear about these families who take comfort in the SA's shelter. I thank my lucky stars for the blessings of a warm home.

As a bonus for attending the chili lunch, each diner took home artwork made by the students.

I love my selection. The pictures don't really do it justice.

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