Monday, February 25, 2013

Cabin Fever

Wow! I can't get over how much snow we've received in the past week. Ten inches from a snow storm (complete with thunder and lightning) last Thursday and Friday and then the latest big round dropped another 6 to 7 inches on Sunday/Monday with an inch or two more this morning. Somehow, we have managed to stay sane at our house, but barely. These are some of the things we did during our snow days.
Dug into Maggie's makeup that she received for her birthday. The lip gloss/sticks were a big hit.
"Come on mommy. You try."
Such beautiful lips.
Blue nail polish. We all received makeovers on Thursday.
"Sure, this looks fun." Maggie insisted on going outside.
An attempt at making a snowman. The snow wasn't the best for packing, at least I didn't think so.
Jackie attempting to build one.
What a poser!
The snow pile is almost as tall as Liam.
Say cheese!
Yep, 10 inches.
That's a big snow ball!
That's more like it.
Such sweetness.
Little hands.
King of the Snow Mountain.
Until he fell down.

And then we decided to play zombie! Mommy and her camera were the favorite targets.
This big guy is going to be 1 year-old soon. He is a chunk - so heavy!

Scary zombies!

Zombie or vampire? Not sure in this one.

Daddy and Matthew.
Playing together.
"I didn't do it!"
Super Hero play.
Little Fairy Princess.
Maggie is such an angel -she's already got her wings.
"How do you work this thing again?"
"Is it dinner time yet?"

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