Monday, September 24, 2012

My Cute Kiddos

These photos were taken in August 2012.

To say that Maggie was less than thrilled about this photo shoot is an understatement. Understandably, she does not like it when people get in her face. Although it's rare, there are still times when her brothers, in an attempt to play with her, get too close. She's also not a fan of strangers.
Do you feel a draft in here? A mystery wind seems to have blown over the boys in this photo. Matthew has an old detective look on his face. I'm no fan of carcinogens but I feel like I should photoshop a cigar into his hand.
 Good old-fashioned bribery barely worked on Jack who for some reason seemed horrified at the idea of sitting still for a photo. Notice that his one collar is up-turned. There was hardly time to notice the small details. Look at his red tear stained face.
Liam didn't want to sit still for his photo either but it wasn't because he didn't want to have his photo taken. He's usually a ham when it comes to the camera. He just didn't want to slow down.
Pure orneriness. This photo captures it all.
My beautiful chubby baby boy - 5 months old.
So pretty, even when she pouts.
Mr. Handsome.

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