Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Fun

It actually felt a tad cooler last night. Who knows why. Maybe we're getting used to these 100+ days. Hopefully, we get some relief soon. We desperately need rain. We've had so little this summer. I told the kids that I will run outside when it rains next and get wet. They looked at me like I was crazy. Well, this heat will do it to you.
I love this shot. If I take a dozen or more, I sometimes get one that I think almost has as an artistic look about it - like a real photographer would take. See all the leaves from the weeping willow? It's really weeping this year. It looks like Fall at our house.
It's hard for me to get a picture of Maggie when she smiles. Those cute little smiles of her's will disappear so quickly and I'm left with this somewhat disgruntled look. She really loves to swing though.
Flashing that famous smile of his.
Matthew asks, "Um, what am I supposed to do?" 
Poor kid. The outside doesn't hold much appeal for him yet.
A cozy coupe built for two.

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