Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where Is Maggie Rose From?

Mike works with a man who is from China. When this co-worker saw our daughter's pictures today, he said she looked Cantonese, meaning she doesn't look like she comes from the Hunan province as stated in her paperwork. Did her birth parent(s) travel from a nearby province with Maggie so that no one they knew would discover what they were doing? Or, are Maggie's birth parent(s) Cantonese but moved to the Hunan province? Or, is there another reason? It's likely we will never know the answer but it gives us a tiny clue into her background.  
The Hunan province is located close to the Guangdong province. Cantonese is believed to have originated in Canton or Guangzhou, Guangdong.


  1. Your Maggie Rose is oh so sweet! It's fun to see another little girl wearing those red Mickey Mouse shoes. I received my DD's referral 2 years ago this coming Sunday and she was wearing the very same shoes. May you receive your TA soon!!!

  2. China has 15 recognized minorities and despite what some people think, they don't all look alike :)